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I Kissed a Republican Chewing Gum

I can’t believe you just did that. You don’t know where that mouth has been! It could have been schmoozing with big business, encouraging the destruction of the environment, or even yelling at some old person for being a drain on taxpayer funds.

You better get some I Kissed a Republican Gum STAT!

Posted 1 year ago


Illustrations by John Holcroft


Collages by Sammy Slabbinck ll Artist On Tumblr

Sammy Slabbinck renders dynamic collage prints, combining vintage photographs with contemporary compositional styles.


Something about bedrooms with little hidden away nooks or split levels just really gets me


This is honestly one of my favorite Spongebob moments. Can we take a minute to realize how clever the writing for this show used to be? 

#1 thing i miss in china (although i guess family and friends are important too)